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Art For Good Project

I have always had a love affair with the natural world and wild life. Ever since I was a child I wanted to save the forrest and the animals that lived within them.With my nose stuck in a national geographic I thought I would be a scientist exploring the world, learning about how they live, and telling their stories. Instead my life took a different path. In college I left behind the microscope and picked up my paint brush. Although I had always wanted to do more in the conservation of this world I never dove in and took the steps.

From here forth I have pledged that all of my art sales will contribute money to conservation and clean up efforts. From pulling trash from the plastic ocean with companies like 4ocean, to planting trees with 8 billion trees, and the conservation efforts of massive organizations like WWF; I will dedicate as much as I can while still being able to make enough for my basic living expenses. You can feel good that purchasing my art will also put more good into the world.


12x12 Oil on Canvas

This Piece Sold on 9 FEB 23 and as a result we were able to pull 5 pounds of trash from the ocean that will be remade into other products where possible. If you don't know about there amazing work check out the company 4ocean.

All of the art I ship is sent in repurposed shipping materials to be as sustainable as possible. That being said I apologize that the packing material isn't pretty, but rest assured it is still effective. I have also started using biodegradable tape so to not add to the global plastic problem.

You know I have truly made it as an artist when I'm able to start purchase large plots of land with the goal of making them wild again. Turning clear cut lands back to clean wildlife sanctuaries.

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