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Owl Spirit Animal and Symbolism

Sketchbook Art and Exploration

I use my sketchbook for a few reason. As a morning warm up and creative session. I incorporate the image with how the object in the image makes me feel or they symbolism that they carry.

This Mornings Sketch was the Owl.

Symbolism - wisdom, intuition, supernatural power, independent thinking, and observant listening.

To me this creature is always watching. They are silent stalkers who you may not ever know are there, yet they carry a beautiful song. They are able to look through the shadows and see the truth. I suppose it pushes me to look through my own psychological issues and find the wisdom that I am not seeing. It teaches us not to believe things just because everyone else does, but to find your own truth in a situation and discover your way of seeing the world. I often find myself against the grain, because I try to approach all things with an open mind and with empathy. This does not mean I do not get angry when my ways are challenged, but that is something I am working on, something we all can be working on.

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