"The Freeway is Fine"16x20 Inch Oil on Canvas.

100% of the Net Proceeds will be donated to benefit The Jessi Combs Foundation.

The Original Painting was sold to and is Part of Terry Madden’s Private Collection.The Piece has been shown at the Harley museum and currently at the Peterson Automotive Museum.Aritst Statement: Portrait of Jessi Combs riding her Triumph through the streets of Los Angeles. The essence of this piece was derived from Jessi’s ability to have fun and get dirty all while maintaining her femininity.Many women have looked this piece and, not necessarily knowing who was depicted, uttered the words “It could be me and I like that she’s real” This piece inspired a collection of women armored in a scarf because of that reaction. Jessi inspired women even when they didn’t know who was inspiring them. I let go of my “Tom Boy” attitude in a mission to embrace my “strength in femininity”, a distinction I never told her I found in myself just from being around her. this nuance of seeing myself has fueled a voice new in my work ever since. 16x20 Inch Original Oil on Canvas

The Freeway is Fine

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