Unveiling - Breaking free from my Previos Veiled Series

Original 36x48 Oil On Cavnas

Strength In Feminity.

This series is a collection of women portraits that embraces the embodiment of femininity as strength. A series inspire by all the wonderful women I have meet over the past decade.
Don’t take my passionate self reflection the wrong way as I value and support all the wonderful men in my life. As a young person I often remember feeling that my value came from how much I was able to “fit in with the boys” or “wow you did that as good as man does”, and for many years I confused this with being valued for me. I no longer feel that the term “Tom Boy” was compliment. I feel like I was a beautiful woman with interests in exploring, building, and getting my hands dirty. I was a woman with strong opinions and desires and that does not take from my femininity. As a young person I separated myself from other women because if you didn’t you seemed weak to those who held the keys to success. Throughout my government career I have been measured against men and often not evaluated on my quality of work but whether or not my personality was pleasing, or if my disposition came across the same as my male counterpart. Times are changing but there is still work to do. In this series I wanted to take the time to feature women who are breaking boundaries and doing it as women as they are. They are not setting themselves against women as they once did to be successful, but they are surrounding themselves by other skilled, talented women. 
We are coming together, elevating and supporting each other, teaching each other, and realizing that we are feminine powerhouses and that is value.



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